which werewolf is 4 u

Okay,to start off,if you hate werewolves find another quiz to take, because this quiz is going to tell you which werewolf is for you.Who will you get?Don't ask me,that's what I made the quiz for!

There isn't to many werewolves you could get.For that matter,there's only 3.Do you think you'll get Jacob Black,the alpha of his small pack?Perhaps you'll get Will Blake,Fever Swamp's one and only werewolf?Maybe you'll get Leah Clearwater,the only female werewolf that we know of.

Created by: allaround crazey

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Which describes u best?
  2. You and your friends are in the woods and you are attacked.How do you react?
  3. If u met a vampire,what would u do?
  4. If u met a vampire,what would u do?
  5. U and ur friends are spending the nite outside.Where would u go?
  6. Who would u spend ur time with?
  7. U see someone in trouble.What do u do?
  8. How do ur friends describe u?
  9. What color is ur favorite?
  10. Do you like vampires?
  11. Do you like vampires?

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