R U A Werewolf?

Do you believe in Werewolves? A Werewolf is a Human which at full moon transforms into a Man-like Wolf with abilities just like a Wolf's, like incredible speed, cunning and...well...Wolf-like.

Ever wonder if YOU are a Werewolf? Transforming at full moon? With all those abilities of super speed, super hearing, and just dont realize it??? Well then this is the Quiz for you! If you take it you will find out if you are a Werewolf!

Created by: Set124

  1. Do Full Moons have an effect on you?
  2. Are you afraid of water?
  3. Are you a fast runner?
  4. What's your favorite animal?
  5. Do you like meat?
  6. Do you like indoors or outdoors better?
  7. Are you easily annoyed?
  8. How do you get along with other people?
  9. Is blood disgusting to you?
  10. Which would you like to be in more?

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