Magic Adventure 7

Here we go again! So you just left Gurdore's castle, along with Naris, Veldaro, Verras, Ivy, and your handmaid Leah. Let's see what happens today. I'll already tell you that you'll be learning much.

I'm sorry that this one was so late, I've been busy. Anyways, who will it be? Will it be who it always is? Or someone totally different? Let's find out! Please comment and rate afterwards.

Created by: Skydragon

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  1. You are now riding within the deep forest. The silence around you, is making you nervous, so you begin a converstion with:
  2. You end up talking to Naris. "So," you say. "Where are we heading?" you ask.
  3. "Towards the horizon." Naris says. You look at him with dumbfounded eyes.
  4. Ivy asks, "That doesn't help you know. I still don't know where we're going." Naris smiles and says, "Shapeshifters feel where objects are at, if they have seen them before."
  5. "It was a black egg, which was stolen. And I know where it is." Naris says.
  6. "It seems obvious why the foe choose black." Ivy says.
  7. "The foe has a name, and I know what he is also." Naris says.
  8. "He's a Douth, isn't he?" Ivy asked.
  9. "You know much unicorn. Yes, he is a Douth, and his name is Shuffox." Naris replies with a grin.
  10. "Hold on! A what is he?" you interrupt.
  11. "How rude of us. I shall explain." Ivy replies. "A Douth is a black creature, that looks just like a human. They can change into Gullies."
  12. "Gullies," Naris continues, "Are white, blended with icy blue, colored wolves, and they can shoot ice from their fangs."
  13. "I'll let you know that they fear fire, and when they don't see any of it, they are realy dangerous." Ivy adds.
  14. "But you can use a spell to cast sudden fire, and let it be where you want." Naris goes on.
  15. Naris teaches you another spell, and you rehurs it until you've mastered it. Night begins to fall, as you've done much traveling afterwards. You sleep under the stars, and dream of...
  16. That's it folks! Be a good person, and have patience for part 8! I already have ideas for the next. There'll be more action. I promise!

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