How Big Of A Radiohead Fan Are You?

You might love these hit tunes but how much do you think you know about the actual band and their incredible music? Not much I bet... Hey just josh'in with you!. Radiohead is one of the greatest bands performing today. Unlike the rest in the buisiness, rd have managed to fly away from what is cosidered convention in todays music which is only one of the reasons that they are soo special!

So are you informed about your favourite band? Think you know it all!? Well if your looking for the challenge of your life then take this quiz and see how much you really know about this amazing group!

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  1. Who are the members of Radiohead?
  2. When was Radiohead formed?
  3. Where are Radiohead from?
  4. What year was In Rainbows released?
  5. Which Radiohead album was dubbed a Landmark Album Of The 90s and when was it released?
  6. What is the song Bones about?
  7. Why does Thom have a squinty eye?
  8. All of the songs on one of Radiohead's albums have alternate titles but wha abum?
  9. Why did Thom change the last line of Sulk from "just shoot your gun" to "just like your dad, you'll never change"?
  10. What Radiohead song has the most frustrating video known to mankind!!!
  11. With which young starlet did Radiohead get into a conflict with at the Grammys.
  12. How are Jonny and Colin related?
  13. Where did the band meet?
  14. What once happened to Thom while performing High and Dry, about which he later chuckled?
  15. What world issue is the band very concerned and active about?

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Quiz topic: How Big Of A Radiohead Fan am I?