Do You Know Radiohead?

So it seems to me that Raiohead is one of the greatest bands performing today but there is a lack of Radiohead quizzes out there so I made this awesome one!

Do you think you know a fair bit about this mind boggling band??!!! Well take this amazing quiz and find out just how much you REALLY know, fool! Radiohead is bad ass!

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  1. This one's easy, Where did Radiohead get their name?
  2. What was the band's original name?
  3. Which member got the band a audition with a record company, while working in a music store?
  4. Who is the youngest member of Radiohead?
  5. What was Jonny studying at University before he had to quit for the band?
  6. Who first indroduced Thom to the music of Miles Davis?
  7. Now this is way too easy: Who is the tallest member?
  8. Why is Radiohead so amazing?
  9. When did Radiohead form?
  10. Colin once said that he and Jonny (his brother) were ostrasized at school because everyone else was listening to _____________
  11. True or False? Jonny Greenwood was not the original guitar player for Radiohead.
  12. Hail To the Thief is the band's 4th album.
  13. Thom Yorke once said that "The Pixies were the best band ever"
  14. Jonny Greenwood is violent with guitars and therfore has to where a brace when he plays.
  15. Who is the band's loved producer?
  16. And last but not least, Do you even listen to Radiohead?

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