Which Radiohead Album Are You?

The world can be trying. No one knows that better than the 5 british lads in radiohead. Just how isolated are you? Take this quiz and find out just where you rank among the various paranoid androids out there.

Sad? Depressed? You have nothing on radiohead. Want to see where you rank amongst the sad sods and worry warts of the world? Dry your eyes, here's your chance.

Created by: jonathan
  1. I would rather:
  2. She smiled at you today, finally. You:
  3. Your idea of a good time is:
  4. I own a computer.
  5. I own a guitar.
  6. I spend time looking at old photos and home movies.
  7. The world is:
  8. I trust the media.
  9. I trust the government.
  10. When driving a car:
  11. I:
  12. I have:

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Quiz topic: Which Radiohead Album am I?