How pretty odd are you?

There are many panic at the disco fans but are you a true panic at the disco fan...? well i'll leave that up to you this quiz is about their NEW album pretty odd which is a huge success! Prety odd is their 2nd album !

How prettyodd are YOU.? in just a few moments you will know if you don't know anyting about panic or you are an expert or maybe you just know a bit this tests your knowledge of their new album pretty odd GOOD LUCK!

Created by: katie
  1. What is the song name that apologizes for 'being gone so long' on pretty odd?
  2. What number is behind the sea?
  3. Which song was released on 17th March off pretty odd?
  4. When was pretty odd released in the UK?
  5. Which song off pretty odd was released March 11th.?`
  6. Which single is set to come out in April..?
  7. Number 5 is that green gentlemen
  8. Is there a song on pretty odd called the piano knows something i don't know?
  9. There is a song called pas de cheval
  10. The green gentlemen has (things have changed) on the end of its name
  11. Which song first reached 13, then 14 and now 16 in the uk top 40
  12. Pretty odd is currently 2nd in the uk album chart
  13. Was Pretty odd was produced by Rob Mathes
  14. Panic at the disco thanks pete wentz on the CD

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Quiz topic: How pretty odd am I?