Seven Minutes in Heaven International Edition #2

For those of you who took my first Seven Minutes in Heaven International Edition quiz, here's a new continuation! You arrive at a stylish, elegant party and meet your love from months ago. Sweet reunions and whispered promises lie ahead...

Only questions 3 and 5 will count. Choose who you got on my first quiz (take the first quiz if you haven't yet or don't remember.) Rate and comment and enjoy :)

Created by: N.L.
  1. What is your age?
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  1. Who did you get last time?
  2. Did you like your result last time?
  3. Who did you get last time (again)?
  4. Are you looking forward to a new chapter?
  5. Should there be a third one?
  6. Did you rate the last one?
  7. Did you comment on the last one?
  8. Will you rate this one?
  9. Will you comment on this one?
  10. Will you take my other quiz I made (under a different name) Who's Your Cash Money Love Match? (lol sorry for the quiz promotion, just filling space)

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