Women's international rugby

Women's international rugby. Its been going for nearly 30 years and the world cup is next September. And you think you know something about the game - its history and momentus events?

Well, let's see. XV questions, multiple guess answers. Some reasonably simple, some really rather tricky. Lets see if you really know your stuff, or just work for the IRB.

Created by: John Birch of Letchworth Girls
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  1. The first women’s international in 1982 was between…
  2. If New Zealand are the most successful team in women’s international rugby history, and England are second, who are third?
  3. Who are the women’s world sevens champions?
  4. Who won the first World Cup in 1991
  5. In 2007 Spain were dropped from the Six Nations and replaced by Italy. In international history the two nations have played each other seven times - so how many times have Italy beaten Spain
  6. Who were runners-up behind England in the last Six Nations?
  7. New Zealand have played 51 internationals and have lost only two. Who has beaten them?
  8. Which of these nations have never played a women’s rugby international?
  9. Which nation surprised everyone by qualifying for the World Cup, despite being seeded only 6th in their qualification tournament?
  10. In which country are there reported to be more women players than men?
  11. Which team holds the record for the biggest win in international rugby (141-3 v Denmark)?
  12. Which team has lost by over 100 points on three occasions?
  13. How many times (in 151 internationals) have England played at Twickenham?
  14. A brother and sister captained the international teams from which country?
  15. How many countries took part in the Womens Sevens World Cup (qualification and finals)? Clue: IRB says it was "over 80".

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