A Love Story...

This quiz is about 4 different guys who like you and are trying to take care of you when you break your ankle. Who are you going to choose? Mike, Matt, Dave, or Brad?

This quiz was mainly made for girls only but this could be taken by gay/bi guys. I hope you love this quiz and have fun! I hope you get a great score!!

Created by: Mikelover111
  1. You are walking through a park when you trip and fall on your ankle. You realize your ankle is broken. A nice, medium sized guy walks over and says, "Are you okay? By the way, my name is Matt". What are you thinking?
  2. Before you answer him, you notice his 3 other friends behind him. The first one- Brown Hair, Short and gorgeous blue eyes. The second one- Dirty Blond Hair, Tall and deep green eyes. And the third one- Dirty Blond Hair, Short, and deep hazel eyes. Which one is the cutest?
  3. You answer Matt and say...
  4. Lets say you answered answer #2. You guys get in their car and start driving to your house. They all ask at the same time, "So, what's your name?" You answer...
  5. You get home and all of them come in with you and help you with your ankle. The tall, dirty blond comes and says, "Hey, I'm Mike. Do you twisted your ankle pretty bad." You say...
  6. They all helped you wrap your ankle. At this point, who do you like?
  7. They are leaving. Right before they all go, you try and make an effort to walk to the door and you say...
  8. You realize when they leave that they each gave you their number. You keep it in your pocket. When you are trying to climb into bed you bend your ankle again! You scream for help and no one came. Which number do you pick up and call?
  9. None of them answered. Instead, all of them showed up at your bed side and insisting to help. What do you say?
  10. The guy you chose ended up staying the night on the couch. Who have you fallin in-love with?
  11. You and your guy end up getting married and have kids and die together. Who did you marry?
  12. Will you rate? (No effect)
  13. Will you comment?

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