love of the night

Ok so this quiz is a story and if you have any ideas for guys comment and i'll give you credit! So yah I will describe the guys in the next paragraph. :-)

Matt: silly and knows how to make you laugh but sweet when he needs to be he truly loves you. Brandon: smart and energetic he loves you but sometimes is jealous of other guys. Ethan: he is the vampire dude he is evil but that doesn't stop him from loving you.

Created by: wolf_heart

  1. I slowly slid into my seat. Ugh, it was Monday. THAT didn't help my mood. I was upset because my boyfriend broke up with me last night. He said I was "out of his league". Whatever that means.
  2. Suddenly, a boy I didn't recognize walked in. He had shaggy brown hair that fell into his eyes and deep green eyes that were almost... glowing. He sat in the seat in fornt of me. "Hey I'm Brandon-show me around?" He asked. "Uh, sure!" I said nervously. "Cool." He turned around to do his work.
  3. Later, when I was walking home, I heard someone following me, I figured it was nothing but I pulled out my phone just in case. I stole a quick look at the person behind me. He had messy blonde hair, brown eyes that were almost... red, and he was wearing all black. Suddenly, he appeared in front of me, "need a walk home?" He inquired smoothly. "Um...." I stuttered- I started to run but I was no match for him he picked me up and started to ... fly? No thats impossible! O thought.
  4. "HELP!" I screamed. All of a sudden a Hawk charged to me and started battling the man who took me. They fell to the ground and started battling except when they hit the ground the hawk turned into a wolf. He growled and they rolled into the street. Watch out! I yelled the wolf again turned into a hawk and flew out of the way. The man.. how ever was not as lucky. I stared at his mangled body and shuddered. I ran away and yelled for the hawk/wolf guy
  5. The hawk flew down and turned into a boy who looked about your age. He seemed italian. He had shortish black hair, caremal brown skin and deep brown eyes. "I'm matt." He said I blushed uncontrolably are you a.. shapeshifter? I asked he nodded "and you are too."
  6. "Um I think I would know if-" he cut me off. "Trust me, your powers have to be activated first" Oh... wait, activated?" "Yah, here we can do it now." He pulled a small bottle out of his pocket "drink this" he ordered I took the bottle and started to drink "wait!" He tried to warn me "your gonna black ou-"
  7. I woke up in what seemed like a futuristic treehouse. Matt was asleep on a chair next to me. Not wanting to wake him, I crept out onto the balcony. I saw a girl there. She looked oddly familar. "Katie?!" I ran over to my old friend. "That's me!" She said happilly. "I missed my bff!" I exclaimed. "Me too! She said "so your a shape-shifter?" "Yep! What are you?" I'm a werewolf she said, howling. Suddenly, Brandon appeared. "Brandon!!" I ran over to hug him "Well someone missed me!" He laughed.
  8. "Ill just leave you two alone..." katie said and winked at me. "What's your power brandon? I asked. "I'm a shadow charmer he informed me. "What's that?" "Here, I'll show you" he replied. He turned into a smoky black shadow man and started flying around shooting balls of shadow. "Cool" I murmured. He turned back to normal and came closer I felt him put his arms around my neck. I leaned in and....
  10. Comment ideas!

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