Middle School Love Story Part 6

Ok sorry if it's too long. But...on the bright side, it's getting interesting!! Also I have a great cliffhanger. So stay tuned for part 7!!! Oh and Kyle, Jake, and doug's feelings changed so in part 7 it will get jee-you-ceeeeeeeeeeee!!!! Read this and comment rate and leave a suggestion. I never get any. NEVER.

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Created by: Rockstar123
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  1. Okk---recap-------It was the day of when you finally came back from the hospital. Also, when you came into your house...Your family, friends, and Jake-Kyle-and Doug- threw you a welcome back suprise party! How sweeeeeeeeett!! Hurray!
  2. Now to the story...
  3. "suprise!!" They scream. YOU smile. Your mom comes and hugs you. "I miss you sweetie. Welcome back." She says giving you a light kiss on the cheek. You blush very, VERY red. "moooooommm..." You moan. Oh well. Thats how mothers are these days. Very embarrassing. Humiliating. (Sigh...)Then Jake comes and lifts you up and spins you around with a huge hug. ----Your thoughts----*He's very warm...* You realize you could read minds. So you read his. -----Jake's thoughts---*Hi sugar. welcome back. I missed you babe. I'll give a kiss, ok?* You giggle and whisper in his ear, "Ok but not here. Somewhere we could be alone..." He smiles and takes your hand. He said, "Come on.I'll take you backyard in the dark." You follow and feel scared.---your thoughts------*Uh oh...Am I falling for him?* It was pretty chilly outside, since it was late November. Leaves Blew everywhere, and you shivered. Jake takes his jacket off and puts it on you. "Here,________you look cold. Maybe if we get close you would be warmer..." He says with a mischeivious look. You give him a playful shove. His jacket is still on you. It smells like him--or the type of detergent he uses. You two finally rest on the poch, next to each other.You rest your head on his shoulder and fell asleep. You woke up 5 minutes later and Jake says, "Look at the moon! It's bright, beautiful and elegent--just like you." You hug him and didn't let go. when you two finally let go, your faces lean close and your lips meet. A cold chill goes down your spine. At first the 'kiss' was just a peck. Then you wrap your arms around him and it gets cozy. Your lips cling onto his and his hands are on your waist. When you stop, You lean on his shoulder and he kisses your neck. It feels good so you don't move.
  4. You realize that this is outa control."Maybe we should go inside now. Besides the movie is almost starting." You say. "Ok," he agrees. You walk in and Jake gives you a goodbye glance and heads to his football team friends. You answer with a smile.Then suddenly, you feel a tap on our shoulder. It was soft, cold, but very calm. You melt inside. You just Adore this feeling.You turn around and- Who is it? Well I don't know! Read the next question!!
  5. It was Doug. He smiles at you and you smile back. "Hi______.Where were you? Well, Welcome back big time!!" He says with a hug. His gentle hug was light and was just perfect. "Hey. Whatsup?" you say. He looks down. "I was, um you know, uh...wondering if you'd like...sitwithmeatthemovietheater?" He says. He looks at you hopefully. His brown eyes are like the gems of beauty. You say,"Of course!! I'd L0VE to!!" You smile and give him a hug. He squirms uncomfortablely. You let go and say, "Well syl. I missed you." You walk away to get punch. There wasn't food because there is going to be a BIG HUGE buffet after the movie. You hang with your best friend, Lydia. "Hey Lyd. Haven't seen you lately. What's up?" You say. She blushes. You know better than that. Whenever she blushes, she has a secret. You lean in and whisper,"What is it?" She was gonna tell you. After all, she's your bffl. But she was interrupted with a loud BANG. You look and it was Kyle. He dropped a big glass bowl and there was glass, glass everywhere. Also a big bloody cut on his leg. He moans and says, "I'm sorry for dropping that. I'll clean it up." But you could see he was really hurt. "Don't worry, I'll clean it. YOu go get a bandaid. Lydia knows where it is." You glancee at her and she seems...frozen. Stiff. She whispers,"No." You say," Why?" And then you know. You finish cleaning up the glass and give Kyle a bandaid. He hugs you and says," Thanks,______. You're a lifesaver." You smile and say,"I help you and all you say is'Imma peice of candy?' " You joke. He smirks and says,"Well, of course. You sweet and enjoyable like a lifesaver." You smile and join Lydia again.
  6. You walk back to Lydia and as soon as you reach her, she says,"So uh you know kyle?" Hmmmm...strange.... "umm yeah so what about him?" you reply. She looks around uncomfortably. " the thing is, if I tell you, you have to swear you won't tell anyone. Ok?" she mutters. " Ok, ok. Geez Louise!! Now tell me..." you say. A minute passes and finally she says,"Ok fine. I like him. As a crush. But you BETTER not tell anyone!!" she says sternly. "Got it." you said. "Hmmm..... Maybe if I talk to him, he will tell me that he's interested." you say trying to help. Besides, your BEST FRIEND has a crush on a guy that has a crush on you. Poor Lydia. She doesn't know that yet. You walk up to Kyle and say,"Hiya enjoying the party, much?" you raise your eyebrow."Yeah. But more importantly, howbout you? After all this is YOUR surprise party not mine." you smile." Yes I am thank you very much." you answer. "Soo... You know my best friend Lydia? Do you like her in a lovey dovey way?" you burst out. "Lydia........". Kyle says dreamily. O. M. G. Kyle likes her!!!!!! Ahhhhhh!!!! You are screaming in your head cuz-----
  7. "Well since imma her BEST FRIEND, ahem, if you ask her out, she'd be very happy. Just saying." you say. "really?" he says. You decide to tease him well since you seem uninterested, i'll tell her so." you say teasingly. "But-but-ok fine. I do like her." he stammers. He looks into your eyes. Finally making eye contact for the first time with you tonight."No hard feelings?" he says. You smile And say, " Nope." you walk away proud. Now it's movie time!! Or should I say Dougie time...
  8. You walk with Doug to the movies And sit with him. "I love thus movie," you whisper to him. "yeah me too. But I love you even more," he says. Suddenly, he kisses you. Not like the kind in movies. The kind when you are having sex. His hand is sliding down you back. Feeling you. You feel excited and grab his back and kiss even more passionately. you shift and kiss from a different angle. Slobbery kissing. Teenage love. Then he whispers so ething that gives a chill. A jump. He says,"Tomorrow, you will be pregnant. At my house. Be there."
  9. Cliffhanger!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Ok byee

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