15 minutes in heaven(girls only)

Well,thier are many quizzes like this but I like this one alot.I hope you love this.Remember,don't report this quiz.You picked it so you comment and rate only,okay?I thought so.

Please don't report this quiz okay,you chose to take it.I just need to fix up the other ones that i am doing.I hope you have a great time.Don't forget to rate/comment!

Created by: Sprinkles

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  1. You were told that there is a party tonight and your playing 15 minutes in heaven are you going.?
  2. You are forced to go what do you wear?
  3. When you get thier,you talk to ...
  4. its about to start,what do you do
  5. pick a number
  6. Pick a letter
  7. Which one do you think you are getting
  8. what do you want to do in the closet
  9. Bye
  10. Ready
  11. rate/comment

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