Another Seven minutes in Heaven. (for girls)

So, this is kind of a continuation of my "Seven Minutes in Heaven (for girls)" quiz. You don't have to take it to understand this quiz though. Have fun! :)

And also, like my last quiz, THIS.IS.NOT.DIRTY! So yeah, if you're a pervert, you should leave now. Have fun taking this quiz, I hope you like it!!! ;)

Created by: firegirl88

  1. Alright, this is a continuation of my "Seven minutes in Heaven" quiz. You don't have to take it to understand this one though.
  2. You and your boyfriend ____(from the last quiz if you didn't know) had a horrible break-up. Your friend tries to cheer you up by throwing a party. You don't know who's going to be there and don't really want to go, but she makes you.
  3. You arrive at the party and look around. You see three cute guys.
  4. The first guy is Patrick. He has bleach blonde hair, crystal blue eyes, pale skin.
  5. The next guy is Seth. He has spiky black hair, green eyes, and tanned-ish skin. He plays football.
  6. The final guy is Alex. He has red-ish brown-ish hair, light blue eyes, and pale. But he's a total player.
  7. You're friend makes you play seven minutes in heaven. You the number...
  8. You pick he letter...
  9. You pick the item...
  10. And you get...

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