Seven minutes in Heaven. (for girls)

So, this a little seven minutes in heaven game I made. I hope you like it. And let's make this clear. THIS IS NOT DIRTY! So there. Now you know.

Are you ready to see who you go with into a closet with for seven minutes? No? Well to late there's no turning back now. I'm sorry but you already read to far.

Created by: firegirl88
  1. So you're going to a party this weekend. You have no idea who's going besides your best friend.
  2. So you arrive at the party and see three cute guys.
  3. One is a guy named Robbie. He had jet black hair with blue streaks in it, usually covering one eye. He has icy blue eyes and pale skin.
  4. The next guy is Dylan. He has dirty blonde hair that is slightly spiked up. He has big brown eyes and is very tanned.
  5. The last guy is Dexter. He has slicked back brown hair, green eyes and is a bit tanned.
  6. So you're walking around at the party and your friend asks you if you want to play seven minutes in heaven. You say...
  7. Well she makes you play anyway. You pull out the number...
  8. And you pull out the letter...
  9. And you pull out then item...
  10. And you get...

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