Does He Really Love You?

I Made This quiz For The Insecure Girls That Feel Unsure About There Boyfrends/Fiances. To Let Them No If There Is A Problem , Or If There Isnt And Everthings Perfectly Fine.

In Just A Few Minutes You Will Find Out If Your Boyfriend/Fiance Is Being Loyal & If Your Relationship Is Going To Be Long Lasting. I Wish All The Girls/Women Good Luck And Hope You Get The Awnsers You Wanted :)

Created by: Shannon
  1. Who Texts Who First When Use Are Not Together?
  2. How Often Are Use Together?
  3. How Long Have Use Been A Couple?
  4. Are You Good At Staying In Relationships?
  5. Has He Told You He Loves You Face To Face Yet?
  6. How Does He Make You Feel?
  7. Do You THINK He Loves You?
  8. Can You Trust Him?
  9. Does He Trust you?
  10. Do You Argue Alot?
  11. How Useful Was This Quiz?

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