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  • @coolme3 To each their own. I am not gay or bi, but I do not judge them for it. Just because you cannot see their points of view does not mean that you can judge them like that. It may be gross to yourself and to some less open minded individual others. But you must make sure to not be critical of their choices. It may not even be a choice, it may be a hormone effect. Do you want people judging you harshly because you are straight?

    @the Quiz maker, I hope the results of the quiz are actually accurate. I got a 93%. However, until the other day she was married. I figure she kinda sees me as an older brother figure. This is actually the best Does ______ like you? Style quiz I have seen. I give you a 7 / 10. ( I discounted for lack of originality. Sorry.)

  • I'm bisexual and I've noticed that this girl is really clingy to me, I just wondered if she has a crush on me or something. I got 61% by the way! Guess she's unsure...

    I like music
  • eeeeeeeewwwwwyyyy. Yucky. sorry I dislike lesbians. I'm a girl i took this quiz just for giggles but the result I got is nasty!!!!! yuck. poooooo!!!!! that's so icky!!!! uuuhhhhgggg! sorry I hope I'm not offending anyone but I don't understand how people can be gay or bi or lesbian it's just too grosssssss

  • @kwilson0411 : sorry. I don't judge them, I just don't get it!!? don't get me wrong, I know some awesome people who are gay or bi or lesbian. I just don't think it's right..? I don't know how to word this the way I mean..... anyways, I think I've just been hanging around my grandma and grandpa too much. they hate that kind of stuff. maybe I'm just acting like an old Christian person. isn't the dude who plays Sheldon on the big bang theory gay? by the way that show is hilarious you should watch it!!!!

  • I got 63% so she unsure

  • I am also a girl and wanted to see if it was obvious that I liked him. I got 73% BTW.

  • 57%

  • im a girl i took this cuz i was bored. its nothin better to do lol i tried to take this quiz in a dude from my class point of view and then i got 33% wtf


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