7 Minutes In Heaven (Boys Only)

This game is for guys only. If you are a girl, then leave unless you are bi or lesbian. THANKS FOR TAKING ME QUIZ! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH! Yeah...not really.

have fun with this quiz dude. i was bored so yeah. blablablablabalablabalablabalablabalabalbalabalbalabalbalabalbalabalbalabla. okay then. see ya later

Created by: Mikelover111
  1. Are you a guy?
  2. Pick a number...
  3. The rest of the questions don't count, okay?
  4. So...do you like Black Veil Brides?
  5. Do you like Asking Alexandria?
  6. I'm single...xD
  7. Bored...
  8. Okay...Well thanks for taking my quiz. I hope you liked it.
  9. 2 more questions...
  10. LAST QUESTION: Will you rate/comment?

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