The Love They Couldn't Let Die

You have beeen kidnapped by four supper hot guys!they all see you as something more then just a target they must pick your favorite and watch the world slowly form to fight into the palm of your hand.

Chase,Jacques,Steven,and Antonio are the guys trained to protect you and help you.But will they become more than just that to YOU??find out in this romance action that will leave your head spinning.hope i dont sound too much like morgan freeman telling you about a movie.hehe

Created by: Alicia
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  1. youre at the mall when you see four extremly hot guys staring at you. who does your eyes immediatly go to?
  2. Suddenly they all get up and out of their immediatly look away.Then your surronded by them you drop what your eating and smile at_____
  3. "Hello____we need you to come with us for just a moment"says Antonio "Chase,Steven help her"commands Antonio
  4. "Antonio the escalade?" asks steven. "No me and Jacques got it,use the camaro"antonio vanishes with jacques leaving you squished between steven and Chase."dont worry your to pretty to hurt" steven tells you
  5. "Lets go___" Steven tells you "K,should I...?" asks chase looking at you."fine watever"steven almost groans "Come with me"and before you can say anything your lifted into the air and being carried out of the mall
  6. Suddenly your out cold. you wake up to a bright light. a guy from earlier is next to you."Hey,your up.bien"its jacques and he sounds like he has and accent
  7. "Thank god you're okay!chase really needs to learn control!are you okay? jacques ask getting really close
  8. "not really,im in an unfamiliar place, i was knocked out!and this is not my bed!no im not okay!you begin to shout"calm down,calm down its will all be explained once everyone gets here"he touches your arm"Chase!Antonio!Steven!shes awake!jacques shouts out the door.
  9. Steven jumps in through the open window and you yelp.antonio floats in reading a book with a picture of Leonardo's Vitruvian man(google it if u dont no)chase suddenly appears at the foot of your bed
  10. Antonio begins "well you see ____ you are very special.not to just me and everyone here,but the world...
  11. well hope that makes you come back!
  12. who do you not want to see die???

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