Which Fictional Book Character Do You Belong With

We all know and love these characters, some of us (me included) dream about the day the Augustus Waters or Four will sweep us off our feet and carry us off into the sunset. Let's face it though, they're fictional.

But if they weren't fake, who would you end up with. I honestly can't bring myself to pick one out of the many totally amazing guys from these books. Take this quiz, and you yourself will find your answer.

Created by: harryswife
  1. Generally which guys do you crush on?
  2. When you date a guy, does he need to be really gentlemanly or can he be more laid back?
  3. Out of all of these traits in a boyfriend, which is most important?
  4. What is sexiest in a guy?
  5. What color hair do you like best in a guy?
  6. What hair style do you prefer?
  7. What color eyes?
  8. What body build do you prefer in a guy?
  9. What word best describes you?
  10. Out of these choices what interests you most?
  11. What color is your hair?
  12. What color are your eyes?
  13. Would you say you can really stick for yourself?
  14. Would you say intelligence and cleverness is important to you?
  15. What's more important? Manliness or sensitivity?
  16. Would you say you're fairly experienced with maintaining a relationship?

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Quiz topic: Which Fictional Book Character do I Belong With