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  • Nindy percent beautiful,idk how I got that sense I honestly don't think I'm that pretty. I'm always told I'm to underweight by my parents which hurts a lot even though I'm trying to recover it's just scary still but I'm strong. Cool quiz anyways mate though.

  • 100% beautiful!

    You are beautiful no matter what anyone says! You are beautiful on the inside and outside! Don't let anyone bring you down and just be yourself!

    You confirmed what I've been told many times :)

  • Hello everyone. I am the maker of this quiz. Hope you enjoyed this quiz! Please give me ideas on what I should do other quizzes about! Thanks for taking this quiz!

  • 100% beautiful. That's very true, real beauty comes from the inside. =) Nice quiz, I gave it 10 stars.

    I like music

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