Eating Disorder's & Self-Harm..

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Thread Topic: Eating Disorder's & Self-Harm..

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    Mikelover111 Experienced
    These two things are so heartbreaking..
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    AudreeForever Experienced
    Yes. One of my friends was anorexic for a time.
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    Mikelover111 Experienced
    It's so sad.
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    TrollieStop Novice
    I'm not anorexic nor suicidal...

    I eat Strictly when I am hungry!

    And I have down dayz but never kill myself! 0-0

    I hate to see that s---!

    My cusin staves herself then denys it...

    Sad :(
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    DeathStar321 Junior
    It is bad. A lot of people cause self harm by cutting. I was one of those people but not anymore.

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