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  • Does He Like You?
    Your Result: Yes, but he's confused

    He really likes you but he just isn't ready for a relationship. He thinks your awesome and he's gonna flirt with you but he just isn't going to ask you out. When he's ready, he'll ask you out.

    Yurp, also sounds right.

  • Does He Like You?
    Your Result: Kinda

    He is confused on if he likes you or not. He really likes you as a friend but he just can't figure out if he likes you or not. This is either a good thing or a bad thing. Either way good luck!

    Yes, but he's confused

    I'm okay with that, I knew it anyway. Now to do it for the guy I think likes me.

  • lol same 4 me..i bet hes confused cuz i act like i hate him and then...nvm :D *dances* well its not acting i rlly do hate him and like him :D that happened in 4th grade too. FAILURE!

  • I got Yes, but he's confuzed.

    That's exactly what I've noticed! :D Cool quiz, very accurate. =)

    I like music
  • I got yes but he's confused

    the harpster

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