Does she like you? (very accurate)

Guys, you know that one girl that you think is so cute, you like her, but you don't know if she likes you? I bet it's driving you crazy, trying to figure out if she does like you.

Now you can know for sure! Take this quiz, and find out if that special girl in your life has feelings for you. You know you want to! It's too tempting to resist.

Created by: Rose Dawson
  1. Do you like her (no effect on results)
  2. Do you think she likes you (this one matters)
  3. What's the best thing she's ever said to you?
  4. Does she ever flirt with you?
  5. Her Age?
  6. Does she ever compliment you?
  7. Has she ever said anything about her feelings towards you?
  8. Have you two ever done any of the following?
  9. I need one more question. So what's your hair like?
  10. one more question: You are, she is?

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