What Should You Major In ?

DONT KNOW WHAT YOUR FUTURE CAREER IS ? FIND OUT !This quiz is for people of the high chool age wondering what they should major in for college. Even for younger kids it is a fun quiz to take just to see what you get ! This quiz can and will help you make choices for your life

Do you like school? Do you plan on college? Do you know what you want to be ? Well find out here ! Its quick,easy,and accurate for all ages ! I tried to make it as accurate as possible by using course description guides so what you get is most likely accurate ! Good Luck !

Created by: Corey
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  2. What is your gender?
  1. Do you enjoy learning about the human body ?
  2. Are you a deep thinker who analyzes behaviors ?
  3. Do you enjoy doing your own independent work?
  4. Do you find the human mind and body interesting?
  5. Do you like to hear about news from other countrys?
  6. Do you like to work with numbers ?
  7. Do you find eating healthy important?
  8. Would you like to open your own business than work for another company?
  9. Do you like to learn?
  10. Do you want a job that will help people?

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Quiz topic: What should I Major In ?