Fat or thin what are you.

This is a girls quiz to see if they are fat or not so boys stay away not for you. Girls have you wondered if you are a feeder well it's about time you found out

Let's find out if you are a feeder overweight ideal or underweight. Let's get this show on the road. Like I said girls only so don't click males in the wuestion

Created by: Bob

  1. If you decide to relax on the couch what would you eat
  2. When you go to the beach what do you wear
  3. If you go to a buffet how many plates do you eat
  4. Have you ever stuffed yourself purposely
  5. If you go to a fast food resturaunt and your friend says they are too full to finish their hamburger and ask if you want it. what do you say
  6. Do you ever walk around with you jeans unbuckled because they are too tight
  7. If you are having take away and you have finished and they ask you too keep eating until you are stuffed how do you respond
  8. You friend call you fat how do you respond
  9. Does your belly spill overbuilt waistband and cover up your undies
  10. If you were told to keep eating how would you like it done
  11. If you were to enter a pie eating comp would you
  12. What is your favorite food
  13. How would you like to be treated after a stuffing
  14. How many hours do you do excersise for a week
  15. How much do you weigh
  16. Do you like chocolate
  17. If so how many blocks would you eat
  18. Do you enjoy being fat
  19. What clothes do you wear. Casual clothes
  20. A basic question are you any of th bellow
  21. Are you obsessed with your weight making sure you are skinny and on a diet or not
  22. Almost done
  23. Do last years clothes fit
  24. By the way this is a girls quiz. When you sit in a desk do you have room
  25. Last question lasagna

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Quiz topic: Fat or thin what am I.