Will you be Fat in the Future?

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There are many body types people can have and in the coming age people's bodies are getting more and more diverse. People's bodies are changing and the divide between fat and thin has never looked more convoluted.

So you're probably wondering, what body type will I be in the future. Well this is your chance to find out! Whether or not you're fat or thin shouldn't be based only on quizzes like this however, make sure to think for yourself too or ask people's opinions. Have fun! :D

Created by: Beehive
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  2. What is your gender?
  1. What are your current proportions/ How fat or skinny are you now?
  2. What proportions do you eat generally?
  3. What are your exercise habits?
  4. What body type do you prefer in a romantic partner?
  5. What are your friend's proportions in general/ How fat or skinny are your friends in general?
  6. What is your metabolism?/What do you think your metabolism is?
  7. How much do you watch what you eat?
  8. Do you plan to change your weight?
  9. What is your current Body Fat%?
  10. When during a day do you eat the most?
  11. How active are you daily? (On average, excluding purposeful exercise such as working out)
  12. Visualise, you now have the ideal body, how do you look?
  13. Do you ever find it hard to stop eating?
  14. What is your body type?
  15. When eating with friends/family what kind of foods do they eat (Most often)?

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Quiz topic: Will I be Fat in the Future?