How GF are you?

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There are lots of methods out there for losing weight, getting fit, etc. But there's only one Guaranteed Fitness - helping busy men and women transform their lives and bodies and become what they always wanted to be.

How GF are you? Can you become a Guaranteed Fitness ninja. What do you need to know and do to transform your life and body? Take our quiz to find out how GF you are.

Created by: Jon Hall of Guaranteed Fitness
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  1. What's a healthy breakfast?
  2. What does a balanced diet look like?
  3. What's a good treat?
  4. Can you eat anything if you exercise regularly?
  5. What causes people to gain or lose weight?
  6. Can poor sleep affect weight gain and loss?
  7. Is it true our tap water has the highest levels of oestrogen in the whole world and that's why British guys get moobs?
  8. Is there time in the week to exercise?
  9. What's the best exercise for weight loss?
  10. What's a ninja?

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Quiz topic: How GF am I?