i can guesse your weight

there are many light people, but only 50% of he world are e healthy while the other I 75% worse do more thing go one diet and you will be fine trust me it works?

are you healthy are you fat? does it really matter? you are perfect the way you are no matter what the size but if you feel like losing a few pound do a little exercise and, go on a diet and you will be fine.

Created by: chyanne chadburn

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. do you regularly do activities?
  2. what do eat for breakfast?
  3. what do eat for lunch?
  4. what do you eat for dinner
  5. do you get dessert?
  6. which range do you way?
  7. how amny friends to you have?
  8. are you innocent?
  9. choose a number
  10. what's the difference?
  11. choose sport
  12. do hate me?
  13. chose an animal

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Quiz topic: I can guesse my weight