Are you fat, skinny or just right?

Hope you liked the quiz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Are you fat, skinny, or just right? And this quiz is not a good way to measure weight, it is for fun just so you can see if you are PROBABALY under or over weight. Thank you!:)

Find out if you are fat it skinny or just right with this quiz! It's not doctor approved or dissaproved and is meant for fun, if you scored under weight, or over weight, I would recommend talking to a doctor though. Thank you!:)

Created by: Katherine
  1. Do you eat a lot?
  2. people tell you you are
  3. You think you are
  4. You wear a shirt size
  5. You wear a (juniors sizing)pants size
  6. When you go out to eat you order
  7. You work out
  8. You get asked out on dates
  9. Your clothes dont fit anymore because
  10. You get told you can't do certain things because you are above the weight limit
  11. THIS QUESTION WILL NOT EFFECT YOUR SCORE IN ANY WAY. What would you say about this quiz?

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Quiz topic: Am I fat, skinny or just right?