How Skinny Are You?

There are many average people, but few actual skinnies out there in the world. Skinny is, after all, quite exceptional. A skinny person has a body to be proud of and has good eating and exercising habits.

Are YOU skinny? Do you exercise and eat healthy? Take this quiz and find out! But please remember: this quiz is not completely accurate 100% of the time, so keep that in mind! And remember to answer all the questions truthfully if you want a real answer! Thanks for taking my quiz, and PLEASE COMMENT! :)

Created by: :) Girl
  1. Okie dokie! First off- how much do you weigh?
  2. What is your BMI? (Body Mass Index- if you don't know, that's okay!!:)
  3. How often do you exercise?
  4. WHY do you exercise? (be truthful!)
  5. How often do you drink coffee and/or soft drinks?
  6. About how many calories do you eat a day? (It's fine if you don't know!:)
  7. Do you usually burn more calories or eat more calories each day?
  8. Do you know your metabolism? If so, is it high?
  9. How many sweets do you eat in a day?
  10. Do people ever tell you you're skinny?
  11. Do you have a muffin top? (be honest!)
  12. Do you have cankles? (that's when your calves and ankles kinda come together... Basically really thick ankles)
  13. What size clothes do you usually wear?
  14. When you buy a T-shirt, what size do you usually get?
  15. How often do you eat at restaurants?
  16. Which of the following would you pick to eat at a restaurant? (be honest!:)
  17. Which of the following would you eat?
  18. Will you please rate and comment? :)

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