How Fat Are You?

You know when you are fat or skinny on the outside, but when someone uses the term "You're soo fat" when your skinny, what does that really mean? How fat are you -- in your head?

Do you want to know the awesome power of my quiz? Everything is accurate. Just answer 20 simple questions, and your destiny lies right ahead of you. Aren't I right?

Created by: x_brii_x

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  1. What Color are your eyes?
  2. Would you rather...
  3. Would you rather...
  4. You can't have any healthy food. There is only candy. Which candy would you pick?
  5. Your attracted to...
  6. You have...
  7. Have you ever gotten food all over your face -- even when you don't know how it got there?
  8. Have you ever played with your navel (bellybutton)?
  9. Ever ate more even though you weren't really ALL THAT hungry?
  10. Ever wore a bikini in public (like the beach, public pool, photo shoot, or w/e)
  11. Ever had weird changes of weight?
  12. If you want to, touch your face. Does it feel round/a little thick to you?
  13. Are you hungry?
  14. How much do you weigh (or think you weigh)
  15. I'm...
  16. When you walk, have you ever saw anything jiggle (like your legs, stomach...)
  17. Has anyone ever made a "fat joke" to you?
  18. Ready to see how FAT you REALLY are on the inside?

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Quiz topic: How Fat am I?