Are you skinny??

There are many different types of bodies and body sizes out there. Most of us think we know if we are skinny or fat but really don't. It's hard to determine especially without a doctor. :)

Do YOU know what body size you are? Do you look like a supermodel, an average person, or something else? Take this quiz to find out what size you are?

Created by: gabby

  1. Do you think you are skinny or fat?
  2. Sit up and slightly bend over. How many rolls do you see?
  3. If you put on an adult small shirt what would happen?
  4. What do your friends say about your weight?
  5. What size jeans do you wear? (Junior/ adult sizes)
  6. How much do you jiggle when you walk/run
  7. Have you gained weight recently
  8. What parts of your body jiggle?
  9. Do you get negative comments about your weight
  10. What do your parents/ siblings say about your weight?
  11. Did you enjoy this quiz?

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Quiz topic: Am I skinny??