Are you a skinny, chubby, bbw, or ssbbw at heart?

Have you ever wonder what body type you are at heart? Well now's your chance to find out! Find out if your fit and skinny. Flabby and chubby. A BBW. Or an enormous SSBBW?

Are You skinny, chubby, a BBW, or an SSBBW at heart? Well with this quiz you'll know in the snap of your every own fingers! This quiz is in no way shape or form promoting body shaming.

Created by: Lucy
  1. You look at your body what do you want to see
  2. You meet a wonderful hot, smart, and sweet guy (six pack and everything!) He tells you he like's big women you.
  3. What is you favorite activity?
  4. You gain ten pounds what is your reaction.
  5. Your super hot boyfriend you met earlier is now at you house. What do you do with him?
  6. You and your boyfriend have finished (hem,hem) playtime. What would you like to hear him say?
  7. You got a fat roll you.
  8. Your boyfriend says he wants you to gain five more pounds you.
  9. You look at your body after being with our boyfriend for 6 months you see.
  10. Your favorite pair of pants are
  11. Why do you think people look at you and you boyfriend
  12. Your boyfriend proposes to you
  13. It's few years down the line and your sleander toddler daughter asks you will you sit love her if she has a belly? You say
  14. Have you lost all your baby weight from when you had your daughter?
  15. Why do you like your body?

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Quiz topic: Am I a skinny, chubby, bbw, or ssbbw at heart?