Are You Skinny/Normal/Chubby/Fat/Obese

This is a quiz to find out if you are skinny/normal/chubby/fat/obese.. please don't take the results to seriously as they may not be 100% accurate.. please rate and comment :)

Are you a fit, healthy, six pack person or are you a jelly belly ?? Take this quiz to find out what your body truly is... hope you enjoy the quiz... please comment and rate at the end... have a nice day ! xoxo :)

Created by: MuffinTop
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. How much do you weigh ?
  2. What is your BMI ?
  3. How large is your waist (measuring around you belly button)?
  4. How many fat rolls do you have while standing ?
  5. How many fat rolls do you have while sitting ?
  6. Stand straight and look down... what do you see ?
  7. Quickly lift up your shirt... what happens ?
  8. How many meals do you eat per day ?
  9. Look through the top of your shirt... which of these best describes what you see ?
  10. Do you have a belly hang ?
  11. What do you think of your weight ?
  12. What do your parents think of your weight ?
  13. How many sit ups can you do within a minute ?
  14. How long do you work out for per week ? (Not including walking to the fridge or P.E. or everyday essentials.. must be that you make an effort to get up and do the exercise)
  15. Have you ever been called fat ?
  16. What clothes size are you ? (In Irish sizes)
  17. Have you ever popped a button ?
  18. Hope you enjoyed the quiz... please rate and comment... if you decide to either lose or gain weight... please post your progress in the comments...hope you are happy with our result... don't take it too seriously... have a nice day ! Bye :)

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Quiz topic: Am I Skinny/Normal/Chubby/Fat/Obese