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  • I got obese. Thank you so much for what you wrote! Everyone and all the quizzes say "you are extremely unhealthy and will die. Lose it now", like i know im way too big to EVER lose weight, so i might as well just get bigger. Im currently going on 620, so thank you for letting me glut out! :)

  • Skinny,true but I actually have a eating disorder and am trying to overcome it so I can be able to have a normal life once more again.

  • I got obese which is true, I have grown incredibly fat.

    Getting Fatter
  • I got chubby which accurate

  • I got 95% obese. My belly is so soft and very fat and I love it so much, I want to grow fatter and fatter.

    Growing fatter
  • i choose to gain, says im chubby, im obese
    i like this quiz

    the fat pug

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