Are you a big person?

Go to somewhere populated with many people of various sizes. Look around. Observe the people. Really take in the details. Analyze your observations. Do you see it?

Some people are real skinny. Some people are just thin. Some just look average sized, and some people are kinda big. Also crippling obesity. There are many sizes.

Created by: ThatOnePlatypus
  1. How much do you weigh?
  2. And so what happens when you step on the dreaded scale?
  3. How do you eat your foods?
  4. Are you ripped
  5. What is your general top size? Not those weird shirts that have all kinds of different fits, if you went to Walmart and tried on a generic white t-shirt, what size would fit you?
  7. What’s the biggest amount of hot dogs y’all ever eaten?
  8. If you reached over someone’s head to get your cheeseburger, would your arm flab smack them in the face?
  9. COOKIEZ???
  10. Ok yes last question what is your nickname

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Quiz topic: Am I a big person?