How well do you know the man whose name is Bernard?

I think people can "know" someone within the first five minutes of meeting them... you might not even need that much time. Don't you just hate it when people say, "you don't even know me?" Those people are stupid, and rather immature to think that you need to spend loads of time to figure someone out. Unless you are dumb, and really self centered, it is quite simple to gauge certain things about a person in a mere moment.

DETAILS HOWEVER, are known by only a few.... it does not necessarily mean that these people are better friends of yours, or closer, but it just means they paid attention... and that's something special. It's not quantity, it's quality. SO HOW MUCH OF THE DETAILS DO YOU KNOW ABOUT ME?

Created by: Bernard
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  1. Who is Bernard's favorite superhero?
  2. What senior superlative did Bernard receive in High School?
  3. What is Bernard's full job title?
  4. What day did Bernard break up with his first ever girlfriend?
  5. Which fruit does Bernard claim that he is allergic to?
  6. What is Bernard's middle name?
  7. What is Bernard's dog's name?... well, he doesn't have a dog, but what is the name he is going to name the Corgi he is thinking of getting?
  8. What does Bernard secretly want to be?
  9. What is the only video game that Bernard believes he is good in?
  10. What does Bernard consider being the biggest, ultimate, turn off when looking at a girl?
  11. How did Bernard and Bruce become best friends?
  12. Does Bernard like attention?
  13. What is the engraving on Bernard's Ipod Nano?
  14. Which Band did Bernard enjoy playing with most?
  15. What is the song that Bernard listened to while getting "Ready," to go out , during his college days?
  16. What is the only TV Show that Bernard watches now?
  17. Where does Bernard want to go for his first vacation, six months from now?
  18. WHY did Bernard make this quiz?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know the man whose name is Bernard?