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    [published: Sep 7, 2020]


  • How much of a yeehaw are you?
    [published: Sep 29, 2019]

    Aight kiddos this is a quiz I made to determine if you’re a yeehaw or not; I’d advise you to turn…

  • Which of my pets are you?
    [published: Jul 25, 2019]

    I have three lovely pets. I love them all very much and they all have different, eccentric…

  • Which one of my Bitlife characters are you?
    [published: Jun 27, 2019]

    Bitlife is such a lovely game. There’s so much potential, and ability to make or…

  • Which of my OC characters are you?
    [published: Jun 22, 2019]

    Hello! I’m writing an original comedy which has some very interesting and differing characters…

  • Are you a big person?
    [published: May 30, 2019]

    Go to somewhere populated with many people of various sizes. Look around. Observe the people. Really take…

  • What Percent Karen are you?
    [published: May 22, 2019, 3 comments]

    We’ve all seen a Karen, or know a Karen. You can identify a Karen just by their personality and the…

  • How assertive are you?
    [published: Jul 18, 2018]

    Some people are very assertive. These are people who aren't afraid to share their own opinions with…

  • Which BX9 squad member (seasons 1-2) are you?
    [published: Jul 18, 2018]

    The BX9 series is a group of stories about a group of friends that go on crazy…

  • Are you a true friend?
    [published: May 21, 2018]

    Friends are amazing, if youre friends with the right people, of course! Theyre there to stand by your side…

  • Which character are you?
    [published: Apr 24, 2018]

    This is a personality test as well as a test to figure out which character you are from my stories! Each…

  • How Charasmatic are you?
    [published: Feb 26, 2018]

    Charisma is a gift that comes naturally. It cant really be learned, because then its not real. Charisma…

  • Are you Darline Wilson?
    [published: Dec 16, 2017]

    Darline Wilson. Nobody likes her, except for like 3 people. She runs away from her own shadow, she cries…

  • Which friend are you?
    [published: Jul 12, 2017]

    Every friend group has different types of friends. The diversity is what helps them bond and become an…

  • Which character's style matches yours?
    [published: Jul 11, 2017]

    One day I bought a fish because I like fish. I didn't eat it because that would be mean,…

  • Which one of BX9's friends are you?
    [published: Jun 17, 2017]

    Mrs.BX9 and her squad are people who are pretty different from each other, but still end up…

  • Can you get over Trump's wall?
    [published: Jun 17, 2017]

    Donald Trump is a man who somehow became the president of the United States of America. He built a…

  • Which Bob are you?
    [published: Apr 23, 2017]

    It's Bob Bob Bob and Bob! The four Bobs! Bob Akuba is the cool one, Bob Byle is the sporty one, Bobby Blue is…

  • How long could you stay at the Wilson house?
    [published: Apr 12, 2017]

    You got invited to the Wilsons' house, and it's 10:00 in the morning. (If you don't…

  • What Type Of Minecrafter Are You?
    [published: Mar 11, 2017, 1 comment]

    Minecraft is a really fun game that's somewhat popular. Maybe you've heard of it. Maybe you…

  • Are you a derp?
    [published: Mar 3, 2017]

    There is a distinctive difference between deeps and "normals". A derp is a very quirky person, who rebels against…

  • Which BX9 series 2 character are you?
    [published: Feb 21, 2017]

    The BX9 series is about schoolaged students who are all different from each other (ex:…

  • Are you a good dinner guest?
    [published: Feb 20, 2017]

    A person works hard to host a dinner, especially if they plan on inviting lots of people, and…

  • How much do you like Popsicles?
    [published: Feb 19, 2017]

    Popsicles are delicious. They are delicious treats of ice which one can suck on and either choose…

  • Can you survive Aunt Polly?
    [published: Feb 19, 2017]

    Aunt Polly is a character I made up. She absolutely loves children, but she acts very generous around…

  • How savage are you?
    [published: Feb 18, 2017]

    In the world, there are people, and with people, come the labels. Some people are savage, but others just…

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