Which one of my Bitlife characters are you?

Bitlife is such a lovely game. There’s so much potential, and ability to make or break someone’s life. You can be rich and famous, or you can be a crackhead with 55 kids. The choice is yours!

Which one of my characters do you most closely identify with? This will be fun! FUN! Yes, this is all for fun so don’t get offended Okay this will be a lovely game

Created by: ThatOnePlatypus
  1. What would you like for a gift?
  2. What do you like to do for good fun?
  3. Do people like you?
  4. Do you have good intentions when you do things?
  5. When do you like people?
  6. Could you accept $1,000 from a random friendly stranger?
  7. What’s the thing you decide to ditch when you go on vacation?
  8. Which emoji do you identify with?
  9. Which describes you most?
  10. If somebody wrongs me, I’ll...
  11. Final question: how do you eat? (No effect on score ok)

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Quiz topic: Which one of my Bitlife characters am I?

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