Is your D & D campaign safe for kids younger then 13?

Hi, this is something a child created to see if you campaign for D & D is allowed for young eyes watching their half-ling rouge steal a priceless gem to buy a gift for a party, their adventurer realize they are in a game and have been sent to the real world by a soul, or for a plucky PC soon have their pluckiness fade away as they realize the dragon is about to turn them into nothing but bloodied bones and a burning corpse with a swift scream and nothing more.

In summery, this is to see, well, I told you, if you can play with kids and also not scar them for life with a tabletop game. so yee here is the first quiz for that (On here) for that!

Created by: Helo20549

  1. Is there any gore?
  2. What about cursing.
  3. any horror?
  4. Is the campaign complicated for players
  5. Anything in the canpaign that makes the players not feel good?
  6. anything suggestive for teen or adult players?
  7. Anything that the players are afraid of?
  8. anything that makes them sad?
  9. lost heroes, a soul eater, and endless winter with no sun, which do you choose?
  10. Was this helpful?

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Quiz topic: Is my D & D campaign safe for kids younger then 13?