Which friend are you?

Every friend group has different types of friends. The diversity is what helps them bond and become an amazing group of friends. I bet you could classify your friends' types too!

Have you ever wondered what type of friend you are? Do you want to know what your friends think of you? This quiz will tell you your personality and your friend type to match it!

Created by: ThatOnePlatypus
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  1. Ok first question! What do you do when one of your friends gets hurt?
  2. What happens when you and your friends don't know what to do at a sleepover?
  3. Your friend asks you if you think they're fat. They've got a little extra weight. What do you say?
  4. Your friend asks to copy your answers on a test. What do you do?
  5. Imagine your friend...Sadie could invite three other friends to go to the movies with her.
  6. What will you do at the movie?
  7. What's the worst thing you've done do a friend?
  8. Your friend is super stressed about something. What do you do?
  9. What do your friends say one of your biggest flaws is?
  10. Your friend is wearing the exact same shirt as you. How do you react?
  11. Yay, you and your friends get to go to a party! What do you do?
  12. Which type of person do you despise the most?
  13. Which one are you?
  14. What would you do if someone talked bad about your friends?
  15. What event is your favorite to celebrate with your friends?
  16. What would be a friendship disaster?
  17. Who would you want to be your bestie?

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