What kind of friend are you

A friend group is basically a group of friends that generally just stay together. There are many roles that each person has (multiple people can have the same role of course.) the question is, which one are you??

You guys this is my first quiz and I hope you enjoy it and don't take any of these answers too seriously because I am not an expert. There are many roles that are not in this quiz and please don't go around labeling people because this is just a silly quiz.

Created by: amazon
  1. Your opinions on things...
  2. When you tell a joke
  3. You mainly hang out with...
  4. When you are sad
  5. Two people in you group get into an INTENSE FIGHT. When people take sides...
  6. How big is your group?
  7. You have to go to a new school/workplace and you know no one. A few weeks later, what's the status
  8. If you had to be mute, deaf or blind, which one would you NOT CHOOSE?
  9. Do you cry in public?
  10. Do people take you seriously?

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Quiz topic: What kind of friend am I