What Kind Of Friend Are You?

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Ever wondered what person you are in your friendship group? I mean, everyone knows that all human beings are unique, and that's true: but stereotypes are still a thing.

Are you the Party Girl? The Giver? The Leader? The Annoying One? The Oversharer? Or that really, really, really, REALLY annoying friend? Find out here, and here's a fact: once you know these stereotypes, you'll start realising which categories your friends fit into!

Created by: Piper Levesque

  1. What is your ideal day out?
  2. What is your favourite pop song?
  3. What is your holiday destination?
  4. Ideal job?
  5. What is your aesthetic (in clothing)?
  6. What book/TV character would you be if they were nice?
  7. One last question . . . Did you like this quiz?
  8. JK! Three more questions (soz)! Here goes: Truth or Dare?
  9. What is your dream name (not your own)?
  10. Who is your role model? (Last question. I SWEAR.)

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Quiz topic: What Kind Of Friend am I?