Are you like a vampire?

Such beings as vampires aren't known to exist. But today, I can prove if you are related to one, or have a relationship with one. Vampires are stereotyped to like red, but in my quiz, you will find most of the questions not even close to your usual idea of a vampire. Your usual stereotypes won't work, what would make this quiz accurate is to take it honestly.

Think you are a vampire? Or even close to one? Want to know more about your self? Think all the stereotypes about vampires are true? All these answers awaits you, to do the honors.

Created by: vkhrt
  1. You see your crush in the mall with your best friend, you:
  2. Do you watch super natural shows? Answer HONESTLY!!!!
  3. Favorite type of music?
  4. You are at an ice cream bar, and everything's free! (I know right!!)you:
  5. Favorite color?
  6. You wish that your BF/GF is a:
  7. Out with friends, you are watching a horror movie, you:
  8. In school, your average is:
  9. You would describe your self as:
  10. Dream job?
  11. Favorite subject in school?
  12. You go into the bookstore, you:
  13. First thing you wanna do when you move out?
  14. Did you enjoy this quiz?(answer has no effect)

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Quiz topic: Am I like a vampire?