Are You a Vampire? Accurate

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So, you think your going to be a vampire one day, or do you think you already are one? This quiz is 100% accurate and will be perfect to satisfy your feeling of uncertainty, but only if you answer honestly!

This quiz is mainly for un-fledged vampires, so you'll find out how long till you fledge as well. Please enjoy, and if you score high, check out my other quiz that I suggest! Thank you, and good luck!

Created by: Pudding03
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  1. Let's get straight to the point. You've obviously searched for an accurate vampire test. Why?
  2. Lets start off with some physical questions. What colour is your skin?
  3. What are your teeth like?
  4. Hair?
  5. Ok, here comes some 'feelings' questions. Do you ever feel hungry, but at the same time, feel there is nothing that can satisfy your hunger?
  6. In sunlight, do you ever get strange feelings?
  7. Ever get a weird feeling around rivers?
  8. Ok, now we're moving on to the 'likes and dislikes' questions. What's your favorite time?
  9. Like silver?
  10. Which moon do you think is most beautiful?
  11. No category questions now: why do you like vampires so much?
  12. What's the meaning of life? Be honest.
  13. Please choose whatever feels right to choose.
  14. Same thing as before:
  15. When do you usually go to bed?
  16. Thank you for raking this quiz. These results will be as accurate as possible. Remember, it'll also tell you when you likely to become fully fledged, so please take care and tell your friends.

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