Which Vampire Knight person are you?

Hello people of the world!(P.S. I will make another Quiz Called Which Secondary Vampire Knight person are you?) (P.S.S. This is for BOTH genders.) Well, This is a Vampire KNight Quiz. You get to find out who you are! I love Vampire Knight SO MUCH!

So. You must be wondering "Who are the main people?" (but you should know.) The main people are in every single episode! And there are only three. But if any the three aren't any of you favorite people, I am sorry. :(

Created by: Zero :3

  1. You all will hate me! Yay! (Oh wait...That's a bad thing.. O.O) But.*gulp* What's your fav color? *flinch*
  2. Ok. If you could be anything, what would it be. (Sorry, I don''t want to be a stalker. :( )
  3. Weird question here.... Do you like to bite people? O.o
  4. What is your fav food? :P I just ate some food.
  5. OK! Book time! :D What kind of books do you like?
  6. Hey. Do you like me as a friend? :3
  7. I like animals.(My cat just went on my bed) What's your fav animal?
  8. What shows do you like?
  9. *sigh* What's your hair color? (I was hoping I wouldn't have to come to this! DX *hides behind a bush*)
  10. Eye color..... -.- * takes out sheild*
  11. Okay. Almost there! Do you like this quiz!?
  12. What would you do on the weekends?
  13. Done! Who do you want to be?

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Quiz topic: Which Vampire Knight person am I?