~Love In The Middle Ages~

Well i made thi ne love series with the inspiration form 18th Century Romance, i hope you like it and please comment so i can continue with the series GUYS DESCRIPTIONS BELOW

William Peterson- short brown hair, mesmerizing green eyes, sweet, hot, knight, tall Colin Tenneson- black hair, and beautiful grey eyes, shy, smart, hot, knight, tall Richard Kipling- brown hair, beautiful hazel eyes, funny, hot, knight, tall Samuel Jenkins- dirty blonde hair, royal blue eyes, caring, hot, knight tall Edwin Stewart- ginger hair, black eyes, creative, hot, knight, tall James Prescot- mahogony red hair, chocolate brown eyes, adventurous, hot, knight tall

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  1. "Margaret, why was I born a girl" you say to your bosom friend with a sigh. "______, we are blessed to be us with everything handed to us" she says "Well we are treated as fragile beings, there's a world out there Margaret full of life and Romance" you say "Well there's plenty of Romance around here" "Not that kind of Romance Margaret, the Romance of adventure, anyway which sire would want me, they all talk about you, and to me I am the reckless girl" you say with a bit of sadness "Nonsense, that is absolutly nonsense, you are beautiful, it's just that you don't bother looking umm dignified" she says "Well i still wouldn't mind being born a man" "Be glad to be you ________" "What i'll be glad to be Margaret is to be a knight" "A knight, impossible, ladies cannot be knights" "If you haven't noticed I am no Lady" you say grinning, sometimes you wonder how your friends with Margaret, she is well what you call to girly, and your more of an adventure seeker, but then you remember your friends with her, cause your both strong willed
  2. After your little debate you bid Margaret farewell ~Fast forward~ Lady______ breakfast is served, one of your servants said, you eat
  3. Today was the day for visitors, but these visitors, your parents didn't want you near them, they refused to tell you anything and when you asked your mother alyways says "Ladies are to be seen not heard" with those words that was the end of the conversation. "Well if they don't want me here i'll go outside" you mumble to yourself
  4. You enjoyed the fresh air outside, and you fell asleep in a meadow, You were in a palace, there were two thrones, with a king and queen on them, you couldn't see their faces properly "We have to go now, they will not have her" the king said, with those words a little girl came in, then you started coughing, you woke up to the smell of smoke "Fire, but wh-- No!" you shout you ran to see your home being burned to the ground "Mother, Father!" you shout you were running to the burning castle when someone grabbed you "I'm sorry but they are gone" a male voice said, those words were to much for you so you blacked out
  5. You wake up in a huge tent,it had linen and silk everywhere, you then realized they were gone, your family, but where were you, and what were you doing here, you heard at least 2 pairs of footsteps coming to your tent, you used your wits, and hid behind the entry of the tent, as they came in, you ran "Hey!" one of them shouts, but you didn't dare look back, but then you were grabbed by firm hands "Put me down!" you shouted
  6. "Relax we're not going to hurt you" he puts you down, you look closely at him, he had short brown hair, and mesmerizing green eyes, and he looked hot, he was tall with a tan, "Where am I" you ask as you look to your surroundings, it was camp of knights by the looks of it, only a handful of knights "Please come with me" you decide to follow him, but you were cautious, he leads you back to the tent, you sit down on the bed, there you see 2 more guys one with mahogony red hair, and chocolate brown eyes, and the other one was looking shyly at you, he has short black hair with the most beautifuly grey eyes you have ever seen
  7. "My name is William Peterson" the one with green eyes said, "I am James Prescot" the one with mahogony red hair said "and that's Coilin Tenneson" William said pointing to the guy with grey eyes "What am I doing here!" you ask "We are here to protect you" William says "From what" you ask "From the black knights ofcourse, they want you to marry their king" James said as if you were suppose to know that "And why me" the boys stare at you in shock as if you're suppose to know "You mean you don't know" Colin speaks, wow his voice sounded so hot "I am suppose to know excatly what" you ask rather annoyed with their facial expressions "You'll find out later, for now you need to rest" William says
  8. "Rest?" you say annoyed "Rest, i do not need anymore rest, i need to know what is happening, everything i know is gone including my parents" you say angrily "and you're telling me to rest, i will rest after i find out what is going on" you say, as you say that 3 more guys come in, the first you noticed had dark brown hair, and super hot hazel eyes, the other one had dirty blonde hair with royal blue eyes, and the last one had ginger hair, and black eyes.
  9. "my name is Samuel Jenkins" the one with royal ble eyes says, "my name is Edwin Stewart" the one with ginger hair say, "and i am Richard Kipling" the one with hazel eyes said. "Lady_____, we cannot tell you just yet what is going on but do not worry we are here to help, we will protect you with our lives" Samuel says, You hear horses neigh, "They found us, we have to get her out of here" James said "Going somewhere" a creepy voice says
  10. Tell me how you like my quiz, i need 5 comments to continue with this new love series, remember to take Never From Ordinary, and please rate it as well

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