How were churches important in the Middle Ages?

This is a quiz about my Medieval assignment. On How were churches important in the Middle Ages? So take the quiz and see how much you know. There are a range of questions. Some easy, some hard. So Good luck!!!

I should have handed you a copy of my assignment for you to study so you have an idea of the answer's. If I haven't please talk to our school libraian and she will get you a copy!

Created by: Aleshia

  1. To what system was the churches most important to?
  2. Where were Christian churches found?
  3. What was the worst thing the church could do to you?
  4. Where was the seat of the pope?
  5. Who could become a Priest?
  6. Where did the churches income go to?
  7. What sort of people became nuns or munks?
  8. Who were not allowed to marry?
  9. Waht did barbarian law revolved around?
  10. Who got the cases declared before them?

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