How well do you know Panic! at the Disco?

Do you like Panic! at the disco... we do. They are the best and we know everything about them!We know birthdates, middle names,ages and childhood friends. But how well do you know them? Let's find out......

This quiz will test your knowledge. You may think you know everything but do you really? Probably not. This will see how smart you are compared to us and we're hard to beat...

Created by: gabrielle and courtney
  1. Which members were friends since they were young?
  2. Whos the lead singer?
  3. When is Jons birthday?
  4. Before they were famous who was the lead singer?
  5. Which hottness order is correct?
  6. When is ryans birthday?
  7. Where was Jon born?
  8. Whats Brendons middle name?
  9. Whats Ryans middle name?
  10. Whos has four siblings?
  11. Who had braces?
  12. Whos father died?
  13. Whats Spencers middle name?
  14. Whos the oldest?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Panic! at the Disco?